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Driving a commercial vehicle comes with lots of responsibility, and you need to be physically and mentally healthy in order to keep yourself and the public safe. The medical experts at PrimeMD, which has locations in North Columbus, Newark, Lancaster, Westerville, Kenton, Marion, Wilmington, Dublin, and New Albany, Ohio, provide thorough Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals with documentation for your employer. To schedule a DOT physical, call PrimeMD or book online today. 

DOT Physicals Q & A

What is a DOT physical?

A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical is a requirement for any occupation that involves driving. The purpose of the physical exam is to show that you’re physically and mentally healthy to keep yourself and those around you safe while driving a commercial motor vehicle that weighs five tons or more.

If a DOT physical highlights underlying medical conditions that could impact your ability to drive safely, the team at PrimeMD can set you up with the treatments you need to perform your job without worry. 

The team fills out the forms you need to prove that you got your DOT physical. The results of a DOT physical are valid for up to two years, at which point you need to get another exam if you’re working in the same position. 

What does a DOT physical check?

A DOT physical is a lot like any other physical exam and checks many aspects of your health and wellness. You can expect the physical exam to cover your:

  • Vision acuity
  • Hearing
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Lungs and chest
  • General overall appearance 
  • Abdomen and viscera
  • Spine and joints
  • Vascular health
  • Extremities
  • Neurological health

A DOT physical also includes a urinalysis, which analyzes the contents of a urine sample you provide. The results of a urinalysis can indicate various health conditions that may need long-term management, such as diabetes. 

What should I bring to my DOT physical?

You need to bring along some personal information, forms, and objects when you visit PrimeMD for a DOT physical. If you don’t normally come to PrimeMD for medical care, you should bring along your primary care doctor’s name and contact information. You should also bring a list of medications you take and the dosages at which you take them.

If you have certain medical issues, you should bring the devices you use to manage them or records about them. Examples include:

  • Hearing aids
  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Diabetic blood sugar logs
  • Cardiology reports
  • Recent lab results

Once the team has all the information they need and completes the comprehensive DOT examination, they fill out the necessary forms and send the information to your primary care provider, if you have one. You should keep in mind that a DOT physical doesn’t replace your annual physical examination. 

If you drive a commercial vehicle and it’s time for your next DOT physical, don’t hesitate to call the nearest PrimeMD location or book an appointment online today.