Our Philosophy


At PrimeMD Clinics, we have a very specific philosophy that drives us to deliver first-rate care to our patients. We believe in the energy and power of the human self and all the wondrous things it can accomplish. We put this belief in action every day by empowering our staff, both our doctors and our administrators, to take the actions that they feel necessary to provide great medical care to their patients. It is this individualized, personal approach that separates PrimeMD from many others providing medical care. We believe this thinking will lead us to great new improvements and developments in the 21st Century.

Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

Physician Partnership Model

Unlike most grouped Healthcare systems, each PrimeMD site functions as an independent practice and enjoys the flexibility to make management decisions as a group concerning all aspects of that specific site.  Physicians within the group participate in the success of their sites as defined by key metrics such as patient return rates, patient satisfaction, and referrals.  As a result, physicians and team members have direct influence and impact on how their practice operates, is managed and how it works collaboratively toward their common goal of delivering better patient care leading to greater use within the community.

Each group is led by an experienced Clinical Director supported by an experienced team of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses who work together to coordinate all aspects of patient care.  In many cases, our sites are available on a 24-hour a day, 7 day a week basis.


Leveraging Information Technology

In keeping with our goal of leveraging technology to bring about clinical and operational efficiency, PrimeMD is deploying the latest technological advancement in the Medical field such as hand-held wireless and voice recognition technology for bedside charting allowing physicians instant access to schedules, patient records, medications, diagnosis and charge capture provision for billing.  A centralized database facilitates communication among primary care physicians and specialists to ensure proper patient follow up, scheduling, billing, claims management and reporting.  Referring physicians can even access their patient’s clinical information through our Physician Portal when and wherever they are.

Corporate Activity

By supporting operational efforts from our corporate offices, PrimeMD keeps administrative duties of our Clinical teams to a minimum, allowing them to do what they do best – practice medicine.  Simultaneously, PrimeMD adheres to all HIPAA guidelines established by the Federal Government for record privacy to ensure the confidentiality of our patients’ medical records.  Strict confidentiality of medical information is kept both for the standard medical chart and for any information that is ever transmitted electronically.

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